Anti-oxidants and free radicals.

Straka-m Straka-m at
Thu Feb 15 18:03:40 EST 1996

bsoares at (Rui Soares) wrote:
> I need to collect information about the action of anti-oxidants in the 
>prevention of degradation of cells , expecialy in the case of cancer, and 
>the contribution  of free radicals in that degradation.
>If anyone knows scientific journals where those subjects are treated, 
>please tell me the name of those journals and the issue.
>Thanks for any help.

Try the following journals: 1)Free Radical Biology & Medicine; 2)Free 
Radical Research [formerly Free Radical Research Communications, I 
believe]; Methods in Enzymology, various issues.

Good luck.

-Mike Straka

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