HELP! - mitochondrial poison needed

Straka-m Straka-m at
Thu Feb 15 18:14:00 EST 1996

rjscibienski at (Bob Scibienski) wrote:
>Does anyone out there know of any irreversible mitochondrial
>poisons which can be used with cultured cell lines.  Please
>reply via email if you have any suggestions.
>Thanks in advance
>Bob Scibienski,   U.C. Davis

Hi Bob.

I am aware of the following mitochondrial poisons:

complex I: rotenone, amobarbital, piericidin A
complex III: antimycin A
complex IV: CN, N3, CO, H2S

To the best of my knowledge, only rotenone is irreversible.

Good luck.

-Mike Straka

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