Would people be interested in purchasing Xenopus egg extracts?

J. Aquiles Sanchez sanchez at binah.cc.brandeis.edu
Sat Feb 17 12:18:39 EST 1996

We have developed a new protocol for large scale production of 
cytoplasmic extracts from Xenopus (frog) eggs. We are considering the 
idea of marketing these extracts but need to know first whether people 
would be interested in buying these extracts. Any feedback either to my 
e-mail address or to this newsgroup would be greatly appreciated. 

Following is a brief description of the properties of these extracts.
Xenopus egg activated extracts can assemble plasmid DNA into chromatin 
and nuclear like-structures (complete with nuclear envelope and nuclear 
pores). These so called "pseudo-nuclei" can replicate DNA efficiently in 
a sequence specific manner. The same extracts promote nuclear envelope 
assembly, chromatin decondensation, nuclear swelling and DNA replication 
of any eukaryotic cell nuclei (including those derived from quiescent 
cells). Similar extracts prepared from metaphase arrested eggs induce 
mitotic events in vitro including nuclear envelope breakdown, chromatin 
condensation and formation of mitotic chromosomes. These extracts can be 
activated to progress through the cell cycle in vitro causing mitotic 
nuclei to form interhase nuclei. Xenopus egg extracts also have large 
stockpiles of materials required for chromatin assembly (histones, 
neucleoplasmin, N1/N2 proteins), nuclear envelope formation, DNA 
replication, chromatin decondensation and condensation, etc.

Thank you for your help,

Dr. J.A. Sanchez

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