Is anybody interested in purchasing Xenopus egg extracts?

sanchez at sanchez at
Mon Feb 26 23:23:27 EST 1996

Thank you to all of you who responded to my initial posting. This is 
just a repeat of the same posting to get further feedback on this 
We have developed a protocol for large scale preparation of Xenopus egg 
extracts and we are considering marketing it. But before we do this we 
want to get a sense of the extent to which people would be interested in 
this product.
Xenopus egg extracts support a variety of in vitro reactions including 
plasmid chromatin assembly, nuclear formation and DNA replication; 
nuclear envelope formation, chromatin decondensation and genomic DNA 
replication; nuclear transport, cell cycle progression. Similar extracts 
prepared from metaphase arrested unfertilized eggs permit nuclear 
envelope breakdown, chromatin condensation, chromosome formation, mitotic 
spindle assembly, etc.
Please let me know if you are interested in this product and any specific 
requirements you might have.
Thank you for your help on this matter,

Dr. J. A. Sanchez

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