How is Agar prepared?

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Christopher Redhead (redhead at wrote: : > : > Can someone
help me on explaining how Agar (for bacterial cultures) is : > prepared
(made). : > : > I need to know how it is prepared, and how a bacterial
culture is : > disposed. : > : > If someone could e-mail me a detailed
description (including autoclave : > settings etc.) I would appreciate it.
: > : > Thanks a lot : > : > Justin : > : > One begins to wonder, if
anybody uses text books anymore.  This news group is :  now full of this
kind of garbage and is, from my point of view, completely : useless.  For
that reason I am withdrawing my membership. : > : > : > Dr. Christopher
Redhead. Max Planck Institute, Cologne

Agar is only a solidifying component of the bacterial growth media.  I 
don't know if there is any nutritional value for most of the bacteria 
grown on the agar containing media.  Bacteria can also be grown in liquid 
media with constant agitation to facilitate diffusion of gases (for 
aerobic bacteria).  The content of agar in solid media (as they are 
called) is usually 1.5% w/v.  To autoclave, the temp. and pressure 
settings are 121 Celcius and 15 lbs. per square inch.  The time for 
autoclaving is 15 to 30 min .

Hope this information is enough for you.  
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