Two NIH Funded Postdoctoral Positions

Michael A. Shia shia at
Fri Jan 5 14:47:08 EST 1996

We have immediate openings for two postdoctoral fellows to study:
1) the human asialoglycoprotein receptor with particular emphasis
on structure-function relationships, subunit assembly,  and 
internalization pathways, 2) murine lupus with particular emphasis 
on signal transduction abnormalities, macrophage biology, and cytokine 
gene regulation, or 3) the role of antigen presentation in autoimmunity.
US citizenship or permanent resident alien status is required. Cell 
and/or molecular biology experience is desirable. Send letter or 
e-mail curriculum vitae, and three references to:

Dr. Michael A. Shia & Dr. Jerrold S.  Levine
Dept of Medicine, Renal Section
Boston University School of Medicine
Room E-428
88 E. Newton Street
Boston, MA 02118

Tel (617) 638-7379, (617) 638-7362
FAX (617) 638-7326
e-mail shia at

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