mycoplasma clearance

Dr John Paul Cassella j.cassella at
Thu Jan 11 13:17:53 EST 1996

Dear ?

There are antibiotics certainly worth trying before turning to an animal 

However, it would be useful to know the circumstances of this infection - 
just one cell line, a whole lab, or new in-coming material. Do you have 
spare vials of non-contaminated cells in reserve? 

I have personal experience of the ICN antibiotic abreviated to MRA, which 
is in fact a quinolone derivative. 200ul per 10 ml culture medium, 3x per 
week, for two weeks, removed the agent permentantly.  I tested the 
supernatant with a gene-probe test kit for mycoplasma DNA (don't have the 
name at present but can get it if you want).  Also, ciprofloxacin 
(ciproxin) from Bayer is supposedly as effective as MRA, and probably a 
lot cheaper.

Good luck.  I'd like to hear how you get on.

Yours sincerely
Julian Dye

PS. My e-mail address is j.dye at 

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