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Wed Jan 10 21:52:12 EST 1996

showers at (Michael Showers) wrote:

>My name is Todd Druen and I am currently an undergraduate student in
>microbiology.  I am doing research on antibiotic resistant bacteria.
>I would like any information pertaining to the subject, literature, or
>tests to be run.  Thank you for any help you can offer.

>Todd Druen

>showers at

Perhaps you should start with the Science Citation Index in the
library.  I'm continually amazed that students come to Usenet groups
to get their work done for them.  If you had specific questions, I'm
sure that no one would hesitate to discuss them, but broad requests to
have other people do your work for them are much harder to field.  

Back when _I_ was an undergraduate...      :-)

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