Martin Zabe mzb at
Fri Jan 12 06:28:29 EST 1996

As a research group in hemostaseology we are looking for biotinylated  
chloromethylketones, wich are active site labeling reagents. The  
enterprise Haematologic Technologies provides these substances, but we  
cant find their adress.
We are trying to visualize on an avidin blot thrombin and activation  
products with an active site of prothrombin (factor II).
For any ideas please contact adress below.

Martin Zabe
zur Foerderung der Wissenschaften e.V.
A.G. Pharmakologische Haemostaseologie
Leiter: Prof. Dr. Goetz Nowak
Drackendorfer Strasse 1
D-07747 Jena
Tel: 03641/304411/421
Fax: 03641/304412
e-mail:  mzb at

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