Double Helix

Anthony Talo taloa at
Sat Jan 13 16:37:36 EST 1996

On 12 Jan 1996, Ricardo Moro wrote:
> I live in Vancouver, Canada and I am trying to get a copy of a 
> movie made for TV in the UK called "The race for the double 
> helix" based on the James Watson book "The double helix".
> The movie was released in 1986. Any help to locate it would be 
> really appreciated (I already went through all the local 
> libraries).

I tried to get it last semester but had no luck.  A video store was going 
to order it but their distributor said it was no longer being produced.  
I would REALLY like to get my hands on it as well.  We used it at UCLA, 
come to think of it, it might be in their film library.  Any info on its 
whereabouts would also be appreciated.

Anthony Talo
Dept. of Biology
Grand Valley State University
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