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>I live in Vancouver, Canada and I am trying to get a copy of a 
>movie made for TV in the UK called "The race for the double 
>helix" based on the James Watson book "The double helix".
>The movie was released in 1986. Any help to locate it would be 
>really appreciated (I already went through all the local 
>Thanks in advance.
>Ricardo Moro.
>Ricardo Moro

"Race for the Double Helix" was the North American release of a BBC
production "Life Story".  It was aired on A&E starting ~1986-87.  It
occasionally re-airs.  The film is based around several documents,
but particularly focuses on the roles of Rosalind Franklin and Maurice
Wilkins vs. Watson and Crick.  It stars Jeff Goldblum as Jim Watson,
Tim Pigot-Smith (Jewel in the Crown) as Francis Crick, Juliet Stevenson
(Truly Madly Deeply) as Rosalind Franklin, and Alan (?) as Maurice

I would check with A&E to see if they are selling the video or have
plans to reair it anytime soon.  Please post what you find out:  I
wouldn't mind replacing my well-worn copy.  B-)

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