phosphorylation state-specific antibodies

Andrew J. Czernik czernik at
Thu Jan 25 21:50:08 EST 1996

I am attempting to compile a comprehensive list of the 
proteins for which phosphorylation state-specific 
antibodies have been produced and utilized. If you've made 
such an antibody to your favorite protein, or know someone 
who has, would you kindly e-mail me this info ASAP. Please 
include any literature references, protein id, residue #, 
kinase(s) specificity of the phosphorylation site(s),Ab 
type (polyclonal or mAb),Ab utility (Western blots; 
immunoprecipation, immunocytochemistry,etc.) and any other 
characteristics you consider notable.  

I plan to include both phospho- and dephospho-specific 
antibodies which exhibit a relatively high degree of 
selectivity, and do not wish to include antibodies which 
possess very broad selectivity, such as those for 
phosphorylated amino acids, such as phospho-tyrosine Abs, 
that are in wide use.

When completed, I will foward this list to all respondants.

Thanx for your help.

Andy Czernik

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