Fluorescent labeling of DNA

Elliott Dawson bvepd at Telalink.Net
Sat Jan 27 13:25:09 EST 1996

Depending on the size of the DNA you want to label, there are a variety of 
tecniques available to accomplish this.  If the DNA you wish to label is 
short,i.e. ,100bp and usually 15-35 nucleotides and single stranded as for 
use as a probe or primer then the best and most cost effective way is to 
label the DNA as it is produced on a DNA synthesizer using a fluorescent 
phosphoramidite.  There are at least five dyes available as phosphoramidites 
and research Genetics(800-533-4363 or 205-533-4363) is a source I have 
experience with.  Molecular Probes can also prepare conjugates with many of 
the fluorescent dyes they offer in their catalog, but about 4-6 weeks is 
required for their preparation.  Larger labeled DNA,i.e.>100bp can of course 
be prepared by PCR either via the incorporation of a labeled primer or via 
the incorporation of dye labeled deoxy-triphosphates (available from 
Boehringer Mannheim, clonetech,Life technologies etc.  

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