what's an easy way to look for cell death?

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>    I am looking for a simple/cheap way to check for cell death (the
>apoptotic kind). I study early chick embryos and have the idea that
>there may be some selective cell death going on. I want to take a
>look, but since this is just a wild shot-in-the-dark hunch, I can't
>justify spending $300 on a kit.  Is there any kind of protocol for
>doing a quick and dirty stain or something? If it looks like there's
>something there, then my boss will buy a kit, or whatever else is
>necessary.  Specifically, I have a bunch of early chick embryos, which
>are basically just small (0.5cm diameter) circles, consisting of only
>two cell layers. These are in wholemount (not section), and are not
>fixed to a slide but rather float in a little PBS. Can someone please
>point me to a protocol? Please email me at mlevin at husc.harvard.edu.
>Mike Levin

Easy :

H+E stain the tissue.  Pink cells (shrunken) are apoptotic, darker ones
are OK.

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