Repeat of Dung Mold info request (no joke)

Michael Beck mbeck at
Mon Jan 29 22:47:58 EST 1996

Okay, I'm really stuck this time. My instructor gave us a mission. We
are to find out the exact cross over rate of Black and Tan Dung Mold
Spores when they are placed in a cross formation in a petri dish.


                                        Black Spore Sample
                  Tan Sample                           Tan Sample
                                        Black Spore Sample
How many 2:2:2:2 formations to 4:4 formations?

One dung mold case contains eight different colored spores...
So a 2:2:2:2 could look like:


and a 4:4 would be:


I hope you can help me, if not, thanks for reading this.

(Please E-mail me if at all possible)
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