Tue Jan 30 09:01:14 EST 1996

	>I am in the process of setting up Westerns in my lab and am curious if I can 
	>transfer my proteins onto PVDF one day and do the blocking/immunodetection the 
	>following day. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to short-cut in order to 
	>avoid having a long day, I'm just wondering how to best utilize my time!!! I 
	>am in the process of hunting down a reference from BioTechniques from 1986 
	>that talks all about PVDF, but until then I was hoping to get some info!
	>Thanks in advance.
	>klennon at bu.edu
I've blocked overnight and then carried out the rest of the procedures
the following day.  However, I prefer to block on the day of the transfer
for 30 - 60 minutes and then incubate in primary antibody overnight.  The 
next day I wash and do the secondary antibody incubation and detection.
This latter method gives me the best results.


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