DNA and RNA extraction

Patrick patrick at howard.genetics.utah.edu
Mon Jun 3 00:17:01 EST 1996

On Thu, 30 May 1996 mazzocco at sirio.cba.unige.it wrote:

> Hi, is there anyone who could help me?
> Is it possible doing a simultaneously DNA and RNA extraction from frozen bone 
> marrow, without using cesium cloride?

Certainly.  We quit using the cesium chloride method late last year (it 
would have been sooner if we had gotten our way but our PI tends to be 
somewhat conservative about some things).  Not to push a particular 
company but Qiagen makes nice mini and maxi columns for very clean 
nucleic acid purification.  The DNA is clean enough for microinjection 
into mouse embryos for creating transgenics...the prime test (and 
concern) for our lab.

There are other such products from other companies as well.


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