pcr program

Yves Poumay Yves.Poumay at fundp.ac.be
Fri Jun 7 11:04:00 EST 1996

Try URL: http://www.chemie.uni-marburg.de/~becker/prim-mac.html
The Amplify program works fine for us.
Yves Poumay

 In article (Dans l'article)
<Pine.SUN.3.91.960603103258.16586E-100000 at alsys1.aecom.yu.edu>, Robert
Somogyi <somogyi at aecom.yu.edu> wrote (écrivait) :

> would anyone know of a good program for designing pcr primers for the 
> mac....melting temps would be required and shareware even better with a 
> website to get it as being best
> thanks
> robert somogyi

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