electron transport

richard at rlblake.demon.co.uk richard at rlblake.demon.co.uk
Sun Jun 9 22:07:52 EST 1996


Can anyone help please. 

I am a physical chemistry graduate and have developed an 
interest in biochemistry. I'm having big trouble at the first 
hurdle though.

For example the Krebs cycle and the other energy cycles with 
their "excited electron" transport mechanisms. The explanations 
are unsatisfying in all the biochemistry books and I have no 
chemistry books that touch it, really. Either I'm a bit thick 
or I'm asking for too much detail: I have to know.

Can anyone recommend a book that will explain the systems to a 
physical chemist (not quite a physicist but not quite a 
"bucket" chemist).

Thank you for your consideration.


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