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> Can anyone point me to a good recent ref or review on subcellular
> fractionation of yeast?
> I'm thinking of replacing a liver fract with a yeast one for a class - so I
> need to be able to get all the major organelles reasonably separated with
> one fractionation (because other parts of the class look at yeast alcohol
> dehydrogenase - so it makes sense).  Advice on the need to prepare
> spheroplasts or not appreciated.
> Also, for research purposes a good way to prepare highly purified vacuoles.
> All from S. cerevisiae, most probably.

Bad news.  Yeast organelles are not easier to fractionate.  

Do a medline search on Peter Novick.  Look for a Methods in Enzymology or
Methods in Cell Biology paper called    
"Fractionating Yeast Organelles".

However, good protocols for purification of vacuoles exist.  Try a medline
search on William Wickner.  He has a recent Cell paper on vacuole fusion.

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