Help: Methionine Oxidation

Rick Thorne birft at
Thu Jun 13 06:17:42 EST 1996

I have a series of synthetic peptides containing a single methionine
residue- these peptides range from 6 months to 2 years in age and now
seem to have lost biological activity. I have been told that oxidation
of the methionine residue may compromise activity. These peptides
represent a significant outlay to our laboratory, and we still need to
conduct a few experiments with these peptides. I have been told that
the peptides may be "reconstituted" by using a reducing agent such as
DTT, and then re-lyophilising each sample. Has anyone used a method
which may achieve this??


Rick Thorne
Cancer Research Unit,
The University of Newcastle,

PS: if possible, please email your responses as well as posting.

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