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Maria Harrison mjharrison at
Mon Jun 17 08:14:02 EST 1996

Postdoctoral research position
A postdoctoral position is available to study the function and regulation of genes showing
differential expression in VA mycorrhizal associations. We are using a model legume, Medicago
truncatula and Glomus versiforme (a vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus) to investigate the
molecular and genetic mechanisms underlying the mycorrhizal symbiosis, and have recently
isolated a number of cDNA clones representing genes that are induced during the association.
These include a sugar transporter (Plant Journal, 1996, 9, 491-503), a phosphate transporter
(Nature, 378, 626-629, 1995) and a number of genes whose products may function in the
formation of the arbuscular interface (unpublished). The project will involve further studies of
these 'interface' genes and aims to elucidate their role in the symbiosis and regulation in reponse
to colonisation by the mycorrhizal fungus. The project is supported by the Noble Foundation and
the position is initially available for two years with the possibility of renewal for an additional
year.  Applicants should have a strong background in plant molecular biology and experience in
plant  biochemistry and/or physiology is preferred.

To apply, send a letter outlining research interests, a CV and names of 3 references to: Dr
Maria J. Harrison, Plant Biology Division, Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, 2510 Sam
Noble Parkway, Ardmore, OK 73401; phone 405-223-5810, Fax  405-221-7380,  e-mail
mjharrison at

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