bowmann glands, smell epithel

Sebastian Ohlendorf ohles000 at
Mon Jun 17 09:14:58 EST 1996

Who could answer some special questions concerning
the mucous membrane of the nose?

Which composition has the slime/phlegm of the
'Bowmann glands' in the human nose?
Is there anything known about viscosity,
substance similarity, ph-Value, el. conductivity,
light-permeability of that slime?

Which material are the 'fibrillate-hairs', and the
'cilia' (which are fixed to the smell-cells) made of?

Where does the yellow colour of the smell epithel
come from?

Which function has the cell-process that looks like
a -chemically identical- ganglion process?

We will thank you for hints on further sources of information
(i.e. books, periodicals) concerning that subject.
Should this probably be posted to a different newsgroup?

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