Factor VIII antigen

Tom Vink tvink at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 19 14:20:46 EST 1996

Deneke at arwen.UTHSCSA.edu wrote:

>Does anyone have a source of Factor VIII antibody (preferably cross reacting 
>with bovine).  Previously we have used kit available from EndoTech which is 
>apparently no longer in existance

If you use it as a marker for endothelial cells you probably mean
factor viii-related antigen . This is an old fashioned name for von
Willebrand factor, antibodies against von Willebrand factor are
available from a nimber of sources, we like the affiniity purified
rabbit polyclonal from DAKO.

Greetings Tom

Tom Vink
Department of Haematology
University Hospital Utrecht
The Netherlands

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