Assay for Protein kinase C in immuno-precipitates

Helfried Mallow helfried.mallow at
Thu Jun 20 10:58:41 EST 1996

I need detailed lab protocols for an assay of protein kinase C  in 
immuno-preciptitates. This assay should be suitable for isoforms alpha and 
epsilon. Furthermore it should show a dependence of kinase activity on DOG or 
PMA. Detailed lab protocols for cell lysis, immunoprecipitation and kinase 
assay would be an great advantage for me

My e-mail number is :  manfred.maier at

Thanks a lot for your efforts

Manfred Maier

PS. Could you tell me in which country do you work and what kind of text 
software do you use (Company; Version; and what kind of computers, Mac or IBM)

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