Collagen gels for Tissue Transplantation!

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>Dear Researcher,
>	Hello!
>	I have been using collagen gels for the creation of a composite
>membrane in which I seed cells towards the study of cells for tissue
>	Recently I started using UV exposure for sterilisation of the
>gels before seeding the cells. There appears to be change in cells
>adhesion to the gel. I am using the conventional UV hood which is used for
>crosslinking DNA to nylon membranes.
>	DOes anybody know whether there could be a change in cell adhesion
>by UV exposure.
>Also, any suggestions about the quantification of cell proliferations and
>growth in matrices of this sort. I have been using the MTT but it appears
>to be a bit difficult. There appears to be a delay in the crystal
>formation and extracting the crystals out. Should I use collagenase to
>lyse the matrix and release the cells out? Does this process affect the
>cell count?
>Help needed in these quarters...
>Thanking you in anticipation,

Dear Dr. Rajan,

Perhaps you could try the Alamar Blue assay to determine the cell proliferation 
in your culture system.

Ref. S. Ansar Ahmed;  J. Immunol. Methods; 170 (1994) 211-224

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