Beginner with RNA extraction

Edouard Lauzier elauzier at
Fri Jun 21 09:57:38 EST 1996

Sorry for the silly question but...

I know that the 260/280 ration tells u the purity of your sample ( 2.0 for RNA )
Lately I'm unable to get over 1.5
I understand that the 260 value tells you the amount of nucleic acid you have...
But what the 280 means ? How can I loer it to get a higher ratio ?  My
point being if phenol ( 270 ) or proteins (230 ) absorb at those
wavelenghts, the fact of getting rid of them should not affect the

Thanks in advance for your help...

p.s. I use the Chomczynski and Sacchi ( 1986 ) method...
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