Steve MASSA massa at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Jun 21 15:22:58 EST 1996

On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, Gabi Gerlitz wrote:

> Hello everyone,
>                Has someone heard about the new molecule involved in 
> apoptosis which was found in weizman institute of science in israel?
> If you know something about it please write.
>                                                Gabi.
Its a protein called MACH which binds to FADD(MORT1) and apparantly 
contains a domain homologous to the ICE/ced-3 family. Overexpression 
causes apoptosis and forms with partial protease regions inhibit Fas and 
TNF-R signalling.The article describing it is-- Boldin, M.P, T.M. 
Goncharov, Y.V. Goltsev and D. Wallach, Involvement of MACH, a novel 
MORT1/FADD-interacting protease, in Fas/APO-1- and TNF-Receptor-induced 
cell death Cell 85, 803-815, 1996. Another paper in the same issue 
describes the same or very similar molecule (I have only the abstracts so 
it is difficult to tell) which they call FLICE (Muzio et al.Cell 85, 
817-827,1996). Hope that answers the question. 

Steve Massa

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