chick lens primary cultures

Andria Lee andria at
Fri Jun 21 20:36:08 EST 1996

Hi!  Calling all chick lens primary cultures specialists!  
I'm trying to set up some chick lens primary cultures according
to the Menko et al (1984) paper. So I plate the trypsinized, filtered
epithelial cells on collagen-coated plastic dishes.   So far I have
observed small smooth (at low mag, phase) clumps of cells, with small
translucent blebs 
on top.  I assume these are elongating lentoids.  Is this what I should
expect?  I don't really have a monolayer, because although I plate the 
cells at 2*10^5 cells/cm (as advised by the Menko paper), only 25%
of the cells adhere.  Help!!!!  Has anyone gotten these cells to grow on
glass coverslips?

Thanks a lot!
Andria Lee
andria at
The Scripps Research Institute

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