inducible eukaryotic expression

Tue Mar 5 08:36:14 EST 1996

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>	...Problems with inducible expression.
>	Like many I was seduced by the Stratagene protocol on lac induction. We
>	made the lines and found that the presence of a reporter AND a test
>	plasmid in our repressor lines causes leaky repression.I guess the
>      iproblem is that we dont get enough lac repressor expression. I still cant
>	get Stratagene to send me a list of papers citing sucessful use of the
>	system.
I also had trouble with Stratagene's Lac Switch system; however, I
have heard from others that it can work well.  In the protocols
for the Lac Switch system, there is a list of references.  They

1. Miller, JH and Reznikoff, WS (1980) The Operon. Cold Spring Harbor
Laboratory, New York.
2. Fieck, A et al, (1992) Nucleic Acids Res. 20: 1785-1791.
3. Wyborski, DL and Short, JM (1991) Nucleic Acids Res. 19: 4647-4653.
4. DuCoeur, LC et al (1992) Strategies 5: 70-72 (It's put out by Stratagene)

Hope this helps.


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