guinea pig CD31

Julian F Dye j.dye at
Mon Mar 11 08:42:35 EST 1996


I have just been browsing through Bionet archieves for December and seen 
your query without any answer.

If its any use to you, in our lab, in conjunction with David Male, we 
have found that a an anti-rat CD31 cross reacts with human CD31 on HUVEC 
cells.  We have not yet found out whether the reciprocal is true, ie 
whether anti-human CD31 reacts with rat PECAM.  However, using antibodies 
against other species is therefore certain to be valid.  I presume that 
you have established that anti-murine  CD31 cross reacts with guineu pig? 
We would be interested to hear your experience.  Incidently, we routinely 
use flurescence detection with very satisfactory results, in both 

Yours sincerely

Julian F. Dye
Dept of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Imperial College School of Medicine at St. Mary's
London W2 1PG

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