cell splitting problem

David Ward Rusnak rusnak~dw at glaxo.com
Tue Mar 12 08:06:15 EST 1996

In article <4i3k01$b79 at is.bbsrc.ac.uk>, michael.baron at bbsrc.ac.uk wrote:

> I have a problem passaging some chick fibroblast (OU2) cells. When I use
> the recommended mix of trypsin/edta, the cells come off as a single sheet 
> that does not want to split up, even if the cells are not yet confluent 
> (though with lots of intercell connections). Anyone ever experienced this 
> as a problem with any other cells, and overcome it? If so, how?
> thanks for any help you can give
> michael baron

I had this happen to me once and I am not sure that this is your problem,
but here goes...

I was growing NIH3T3 cells and plated them in 100mm dishes.  The next day
I went to look at them and they were in monolayer, but sliding in sheets
on the dish.  I found out that I had plated on non-treated petri dishes in
stead of tissue culture dishes.  

Could that be it??

I doubt it, but anyway...



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