Animal liver cell cultures

K.Kramer ugha083 at
Tue Mar 12 06:35:44 EST 1996

On Sun, 10 Mar 1996, Adrian J. Terranova wrote:

>   I am looking for liver cell cultures for the following animals
>             -rat
>             -mouse
>             -chicken
>             -goat
>             -cow
>             -dog
>             -monkey
>    I need any and all relevent information on keeping the cells alive and
> reproducing and HAPPY!!!!!
>     Any intro cell culture information would be greatly appreciated, any
> leads would also be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you
> Adrian Terranova
Parenchymal liver cells are terminally differentiated cells that will 
not proliferate in culture unless stimulated with mitogens. There are 
several problems in keeping these cells in culture. It 
might be better to do a literature search on the subject first using 
primary hepatocyte culture as keyword and then ask more specific questions.
Good Luck  Kerstin> 

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