cell splitting problem

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Tue Mar 12 12:13:09 EST 1996


I happened me twice with a bovine macrophages line. I solve the problem in
this way:

1. Once adding the T-E gently shake the flask on an horizontal surface (as
the surface of the hood).

2. Play with the [T-E] and the t'. : Lower [] allows you to shake them longer.

3. In the case you are using a source of fibrin, as FCS on the bottom of
the flas, be sure it is evenly distributen on the surface of the flask
before adding the cells.

Hope it will help. 

MD. MsC. PhD candidate.

In article <4i3k01$b79 at is.bbsrc.ac.uk>, michael.baron at bbsrc.ac.uk wrote:

> I have a problem passaging some chick fibroblast (OU2) cells. When I use
> the recommended mix of trypsin/edta, the cells come off as a single sheet 
> that does not want to split up, even if the cells are not yet confluent 
> (though with lots of intercell connections). Anyone ever experienced this 
> as a problem with any other cells, and overcome it? If so, how?
> thanks for any help you can give
> michael baron

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