DATA BASE?: STE2 & STE3: yeast & humans.

Teresa Binstock binstoct at
Thu Mar 14 19:57:40 EST 1996

QUESTION about data base, if any:

In one study findable via OVID search of Medline, STE2 and STE3 are 
described as occurring in the human thymic epithelium. Otherwise, all the 
other STE2 and STE3 studies refer to cell-surface receptors occurring in 
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. Many S. Cerevisiae genes and molecules have 
homologues in mammals including humans. In fact, some human molecules 
function in yeast and vice versa.
	I would like to "pin-down" whether or not the human STE2 and STE3 
molecules reported by Patel et al are homologous to S. Cerevisiae 
molecules with the same nomenclature. 
	Are there data bases other than Medline that would yield such 

I would be very appreciative of being informed about such data bases and 
how to access them. E-mails directly to me would be appreciated and/or to 
the newsgroups if such distribution is appropriate.

au: Patel et al
so: Journal of Clinical Immunology 15.2.80-92 1995
ti: Characterization of human thymic epithelial cell surface antigens:
       phenotypic similarity of thymic epithelial cells to epidermal 

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Developmental & Behavioral Neuroanatomy
Denver CO USA
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