DATA BASE?: STE2 & STE3: yeast & humans.

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>QUESTION about data base, if any:


>	I would like to "pin-down" whether or not the human STE2 and STE3 
>molecules reported by Patel et al are homologous to S. Cerevisiae 
>molecules with the same nomenclature. 
>	Are there data bases other than Medline that would yield such 
>I would be very appreciative of being informed about such data bases and 
>how to access them. E-mails directly to me would be appreciated and/or to 
>the newsgroups if such distribution is appropriate.

You may access the National Institutes of Health-Natl. Cntr. for
Biotech. Info. databases via web-browser (eg Netscape) at:

Or Natl. Library of Medicine at:

Also find the G-protein Coupled Receptor database at:

Blast sequence similarity searches at NCBI may also be done by email,
or via gopher.



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