intracellular calcium

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Mon Mar 18 11:56:30 EST 1996

Rune Sundset wrote:
> I would like to know if there is a protocol out there for staining
> intracellular calcium
> Rune Sundset
> runes at

	There are many methods of measuring intracellular 
calcium, and the methodology depends the question.  First, are 
you monitoring calcium in a living cells in which case there are 
many fluorescent dyes (Molecular Probes, Oregon and Texas 
Fluorescence Laboratories, Texas) which vary in affinity, 
excitation wavelengths, emission wavelenghts, etc.  
Aequorin, a bioluminescent compound, emits photons 
as part of a binding reaction to Ca2+ and is used by some 
investigators.  Additionally, one could use calcium ion 
sensitive electrodes.  Note that all these methods measure 
calcium ion concentration, usually in the cytosolic compartment.

	Measurements of total intracellular calcium (bound or 
free) is usually done by atomic spectroscopic methods - the cell 
does not survive.

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