Fixation of Endothelial Cells

Richard Montes gt0441b at
Wed Mar 20 11:38:19 EST 1996

Does anybody have experience or know of literature about fixation of 
endothelial cells and its effect on the membrane receptors on the surface 
of the endothelial cells? I am trying to investigate the what is the 
effect of the lateral diffusion of the receptors across the membrane to 
cell adhesion. If I crosslink the membrane domains of these diffusing 
proteins thereby anchoring them to eliminate diffusion, are they still 
viable for adhesion?

Second, are there differences in the fixative agents used, e.g., 
glutaraldehyde, formaldehyde, metOH, etc?

Any input will be much appreciated. Please cross-email me privately 
together with the response to the newsgroup. Thanks in advance.

-Richard Montes
 gt0441b at

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