Plating Cells---and tea leaves

Jack Owicki jack_owicki at MOLDEV.COM
Fri Mar 22 20:43:00 EST 1996

>        I am doing alot of cell culture work with 24 and 96 well culture
>plates.  I seem to have the problem of not being able to put the same
>number of cells in each plate accurately.  Also it seems the cells grow
>differently from well to well.  Can someone suggest a way to solve my
>        Steve Vokal
>        Dept of Surgery
>        Creighton University
>        Omaha, NE

Cells are also subject to the "tea leaf effect."  Because of the density
difference between the cells and the medium, fluidic currents within the
medium tend to distribute the cells nonuniformly, even when you start with
a uniform suspension.  For example, a swirling motion can be used to focus
the cells toward the centers of the wells.  I suspect that convective
currents driven by small temperature differences when you pop a cool plate
into an incubator can also cause nonuniform distributions.

I'd be interested to know whether anyone knows of any formal treatment of
this phenomenon.

Jack Owicki

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