Neutral Red staining..Help!!

Scott Walsh swalsh at
Wed Mar 27 09:57:57 EST 1996

Hi Everyone..
I am a grdauate student at Johns Hopkins looking for some insight on fluorescence 
staining. I am trying to stain for endocytotic pathways and using Neutral red to 
stain acidic organelles and Hoecsht to stain the Nucleus. The problem is..when I 
am looking through a fluorescence microscope using a filter for Texas red...the 
nucleus is also lighting up orange-red along with other areas of the cell 
(presumably endo-lysosomes)! The catalog of Molecular probe Inc. doesn't 
mention that Neutral red stains Nucleus also...Please..if any of you have any 
experience with such staining and can provide me with some insights I will be 
very grateful. Please e-mail at 
kroy at
Thanks a lot...


Krishnendu Roy
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

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