GIBCO:Gene-trapper Kit

Tegelk at Tegelk at
Fri Mar 29 05:46:26 EST 1996

Is there anybody who has already used the Gene-trapper-Kit (Gibco BRL) for the isolation
of "full-length"-cDNA-clones from a cDNA-library with some success? 
We intend to use by means of DD-PCR isolated cDNA-sequences of 300-450 bp in length as 
single-stranded probes for the isolation of "full-length"-cDNA-clones from a macrophage-
Is the Gene-trapper-Kit suitable for the usage of 300-400 bp long cDNA-sequences as single-
stranded probes or must the probe-sequence be shorter?
Additional tips & tricks are always gratefully appreciated!


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