How to prevent collagen from peeling off glass slides?

Tom Vink tvink at
Sat May 4 14:10:02 EST 1996

dcwong at (Donald Chun Kit Wong) wrote:

>We have been trying to use the Nunc Tissue Culture Chamber Slides to
>culture endothelial cells. We routinely coat plastic culture plates with
>fibronectin or collagen and have great success in culturing cells. 
>However, we've had very little success with these glass slides from Nunc. 
>We've tried coating these glass slides with collagen alone, fibronectin
>alone, or collagen with fibronectin on top. We usually see large areas of
>especially collagen peeling off and curling up into string-like
>structures, with the endothelial cells still attached to them. So, we get
>nothing left on the slide. Nunc said these slides are untreated, so may be
>charged. Does anyone have any suggestions on how one prevents the collagen
>from peeling off glass slides? Thanks!  

>Donald Wong 
>Pathology, UBC
>Vancouver, Canada

For endothelial cells we pretreat the glass coverslips with
glutaraldehyde wash, incubate with gelatin and fix this layer again
with glutaraldehyde. For an exact protocol send me an e-mail.
Tom Vink
Department of Haematology
University Hospital Utrecht
The Netherlands

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