Immunocytochemistry fixing?

Melissa Melan melan at
Tue May 7 13:16:40 EST 1996

Dear Mike.

   I've never used chamber slides so I can't address any potential 
problems there.  I've had good success with 22 x 22 coverslips in 6 
well plates.  The coverslips were washed with detergent, extensively 
rinsed in ddH2O and stored in a jar of 95% EtOH.  Coverslips were 
flamed to sterilize and remove EtOH, dropped into the plate wells and 
cells cultured as normal.  The cells grow on the glass and attach 
without any problem.  I'm wondering if the chamber slides are coated 
with something that is affecting cell adhesion or reacts strangely 
with paraformaldehyde.  Also, what cell line are you using? 

                 Hope this is helpful.

Melissa A. Melan
Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA  15282
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