Collagen - binding proteins

Leonid A. Sadofiev leosad at
Wed May 8 14:48:15 EST 1996

Please help !

I've isolated from cell membrane three polipeptides witch are able
to recognize collagen types I and III. Now I have a lot of trouble
with their identification. Testing with antibodies to main
integrins give only a negative result.

Does anyone on the newsgroup know anything about:

1. High molecular weight (more than 100 KD) collagen - binding
cell membrane proteins not belong to integrins ?
2. High M. W. proteins with different affinity to I and III
   types of collagen (both integrins and not integrins) ?

Thanks in advance for any help.
                                 Leonid A. Sadofiev
                                 Institute of cytology RAS.

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