macrophage culture

Marcelo Soares dom0005 at
Thu May 9 03:08:37 EST 1996

   Dear scientific colleagues,

   I'm trying to plate macrophage from a species called African green monkey
(Cercopithecus aethiops superspecies). I'm using normal methods for isolation
(Ficoll-Hypaque) and indeed I can isolate them very well. They stick to the
plate as expected, but as the days passes (I have to wait them to
differentiate), they fall off the plate. I've already tried to inherent
wothout any serum (neither FBS nor autologous serum), but I have the same
problem. Does anyone have any idea that I can try?
   Please feel free to post in these newsgroups or to answer me to
dom0005 at

   Thanks in advance,

         Marcelo Soares
         University of Alabama at Birmingham

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