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>I'm in 9th grade and I am really desperate for a science project.  I
>want to do something with Biology and I have done research on
>Antibiotics and how Bacterium are becoming resistant to them.  I would
>like to know if I could somehow create a low level strain of a
>resistant, harmless bacteria.  How could I do this, and with what
>bacteria could I use?  I relize that this could be out of my reach but I
>am willing to try it.  My father is an doctor so he could probaly get
>bacteria from a pthologist if it got oked from a university.  Anyway
>thanks and if you have any of have any suggestions, e-mail me.

Culturing bacteria is very easy. What you first need to do is get a some kind 
of cell and culture it (a strain called C6 always worked for me). After a few 
passages, simply get a little careless with your technique. In a couple of 
days, your medium will look a little clouded. Viola! Bacteria! 

Hope that this helps!

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