Are _forskolin_ and _U69593_ cAMP inhibitors?

Heidi Engelhardt engelhah at
Thu May 30 08:48:46 EST 1996

Bernard J. Hall (bjhall at wrote:
> Hello there. Have been reading through some journal articles while researching 
> a paper and have come across these two substances which seem to be cAMP 
> inhibitors. 

In the case of forskolin, it is the opposite:  it activates adenylate
cyclase, thereby INCREASING intracellular cAMP.  A useful reference:

Seamon et al., 1981 "Forskolin:  Unique Diterpene Activator of
Adenylate Cyclase in Membranes and in Intact Cells"  PNAS 78:3363.

I have never heard of the other one.

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