RBC ghosts

John Bohmfalk bohmfalk at tcgcs.com
Fri Nov 8 00:24:18 EST 1996


For an upcoming cell biology lab, I would like to have the students
prepare red blood cell ghosts by hypotonic lysis.  They would then attempt
to extract the spectrin, ankyrin, band 4.1 and actin from them, and
analyze the ghosts, extracts and remaining membrane proteins by SDS-PAGE. 

I would be most appreciative if you could provide me with compositions for
the most appropriate buffers for preparing the ghosts, and also for
extracting any and/or all of the cytoskelal proteins from them. 
References would also be appreciated, but interlibrary loan can sometimes
be rather slow from my institution.

Thanks in advance.

John Bohmfalk
Biology Dept.
Hastings College
Hastings NE 68902
jbohmfal at hastings.edu

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