How do I inhibit receptor internalisation ?

Martin Offterdinger a8803349 at
Fri Nov 8 07:16:02 EST 1996

In article <a.v.d.lippe-0811961214490001 at>, a.v.d.lippe at (Alexander von der Lippe) says:
>In article <zakaria-2310962106580001 at>,
>zakaria at (Hayssam Zakaria) wrote:
>> I am looking for a method to keep a receptor on the cellsurface for a long
>> period of time in the presence of its ligand. 
>> Any idea how to get that accomplished ?? Maybe a chemical that inhibits
>> the formation of clathrin coated vesicles ??
>>    Hayssam Zakaria
>May be you could delete an internalisation motif in the cytoplasmic tail
>of the receptor.

If your cells have to be viable I do not know any 
solution. But otherwise you could add Sodium Azide
to a final concentration of 0.1%(w/v).This is used 
for preparation of FACS samples routinely.

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