Cell Proliferation

Dick Haugland probes at TELEPORT.COM
Sun Nov 10 11:57:54 EST 1996

In response to the request for a cell-proliferation assay that does not
involve MTT or thymidine incorporation:

Molecular Probes has developed a new cell proliferation assay that only
requires freezing cells with a lysis buffer in the presence of a new
nucleic acid stain (CyQUANT GR) and reading the fluorescence.  The assay
is linear from less than 5 cells to greater than 50,000 cells, without
dilution and is as sensitive and tracks thymidine incorporation. A
manuscript is in preparation.  More information, including a protocol,
is available at our Web Site (http://www.probes.com).

Dick Haugland, President
Molecular Probes, Inc.
Eugene OR.

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